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Beth and Peter- A Stribling Orchard Engagement

I'm going to start off this post by saying that I love all of my 2013 couples. I really do. They're full of awesome. Seriously. Beth and Peter found me through Ben and Christine. (Peter was one of the groomsmen.) They are a couple that is full of life and always want to be doing something rather than just sitting on the couch (baseball games, wine tastings, Mute Math concerts, apple picking, etc). They're both all sorts of goofy, and the laughs just keep coming.

The engagement shoot was at Stribling Orchard in Markham, VA. I personally have never been, but Peter and Beth have been there several times for apple picking. Everyone got to see how well I interact with nature. (Not well.) We had a lot of fun wandering around the orchard and got some amazing photos.

Beth and Peter, I seriously can't wait for your wedding at the aquarium in June!

Huge thank you to Katy for being my extra hands and helping fight the battle of the stink bug!