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Brittany and Brendon- An Annapolis, MD Engagement

Annapolis, MD is a photographer's dream location! When Chesapeake Bay natives, Brittany and Brendon, won my Summer 2011 Engagement Contest, it was the obvious spot for their engagement shoot. Even though Brittany and Brendon attended to school with each other and lived on the same island in Maryland, they never met. After graduating from high school, Brittany attended college online and led the Christian rock band, Beyond The Veil (BTV), with her sisters. Brendon left Maryland for Indiana to attend college at Purdue and graduated earlier this year with a degree in astronautical engineering (yeah, he really is a rocket scientist). In 2008, BTV released a Christmas single and after hearing it, Brendon wanted to know more about her. Unfortunately, she was already in a relationship; however, after that relationship closed its doors, she thought of Brendon. She struck up a conversation and they were both intrigued. Despite thinking that they had too much on their schedules to get into a relationship, after an all night talk on the phone, they were in love.

Despite the distance and some rough patches as a couple, their relationship has only grown stronger.

Come on, how can you not appreciate a love story like that?

I had SO much fun photographing this couple, they were up for anything and everything! Brittany, with her performing background, was a natural and definitely knew how to work the camera. And Brendon, he may be a rocket scientist, but he is anything but stiff or serious.