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Children's Alopecia Project's Potluck

Alopecia Areata is a non life threatening auto immune disease where the body mistakenly attacks a person's hair follicles. The hair falls out and cant continue to grow. In many people, this just happens in small patches, but it can affect the entire scalp.

The Children's Alopecia Project (CAP for short) give support to the children and families that are affected by this autoimmune disease.

CAP is devoted specifically to children living with the incurable autoimmune hair loss disease, Alopecia. The Mission of the Children's Alopecia Project (CAP) is to help any child in need who is living with hair loss due to all forms of alopecia. We build self-esteem, provide support and raise awareness. We would like our CAP Kids to grow in confidence and become stronger teens and productive adults, maybe even the advocates of the future dealing with alopecia. -CAP

I once again teamed up with Christine from Following Phubie and Pure Joy Events and photographed the CAP Thanksgiving Potluck she helped host. Her son has Alopecia, and I was able to meet several other amazing children who also have the disease.

Anyway, here are some of the photos!