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Contest Time: Win an Engagement Shoot w/ Rebecca Watkins Photography! The Voting Round!

We loved reading all of the entries that came in! We have it narrowed down to three couples. Let me introduce you to them:

Kerri & Jake:


"Jake & I met during sophomore year of high school. He pursued me throughout the rest of high school & I kept pushing another friend towards him. It wasn't until the week before freshman year of college that I gave him a chance. From that first week until today we have spent a majority of our time apart and I think that makes us unique. Through all the changes you go through between high school, college and graduating college we have remained together even though apart in distance. We now have just 20 more days before I move to Connecticut and we are finally together for good after 5 years of being apart."



Anna & Lucas:


"Our story starts about three years ago when Anna's sister, Katie, showed Lucas a picture of Anna. He knew it was meant to be! We didn't spend time together until a year later when Lucas' roommates, Chris and Dara, set up a "hangout" (aka - date!) with the help of some of Dara's yummy mojitos. It was a perfect match and an easy transition - Lucas, being friends with Katie, already knew and loved Anna's family.

We think our relationship is unique because we both love to travel - we know, sounds pretty normal. But Lucas' hunger for adventure has really rubbed off on Anna. We recently took a trip to Chile, where we met some great people, climbed a volcano (that's our picture), hiked the Patagonia... and got engaged! Our plan is to see what our world has to offer, traveling to a new country every year. We would love if we could find opportunities for volunteering during each of our trips. And one day, maybe soon, maybe when we're old and gray, we'll take a break from life and travel all the way around the world, inspiring and becoming inspired by the people we meet."


Brittany & Brendon:

"They say that life is like the ocean. One moment the waters are calm and quiet and the skies are clear. The next, storms are raging, waves are crashing and the thunder roars loud enough to extinguish the sound of your own heart beat. What makes Brendon and I special is what we do when those storms come. The book of 1 Corinthians 13:4 states that love is patient and love is kind. Patience and kindness was our beginning.

Although Brendon and I live on the same island, our relationship started out long distance...actually it was the farthest you could be; we had dreams about one another. It wasn’t until a few years later that he approached me and asked me to coffee. However, life got in the way and we ended up not being able to meet. Two years passed and he came back into my life and on May 9, 2010 I met him on the shore and we watched the sun rise and a beautiful relationship began. Nevertheless, storms came and went.

There were nights where I felt lost at sea, and was afraid of losing who I was to the storm around me and Brendon, would shine his Light patiently and kindly guide me Home. When the waters were deep and Brendon’s questions seemed unanswered, leaving him feeling stranded, I reached out to him patiently and kindly reminded him that Land was never too far away.

Patience and kindness has gotten us through the toughest storms. Neither one of us can stop what comes our way in life...we aren’t superheroes...and we’re not God. But we are in Love and we act and fight for Love. We live for Love and we know, no matter what...when all is said and done, when the storm has run us through...we will meet upon the shore where we first met and watch the sun rise again and know that Love continues on...patiently and kindly. "


The winner of the free engagement session with Rebecca Watkins Photography will be announced after June 10th!