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Current Favorites: Ollo Clip

Current favorite time! This time around I'm just going to be focusing on one thing, the Olloclip! I've really been pushing myself to photograph more, not just weddings. As you saw in my last blog post (here), I've taken my photography underwater. I've also been trying to photograph more of my life. I don't usually carry my dSLR all over the place. 1) I'm afraid of it getting hurt. 2) I'd rather not risk it being stolen. 3) ITS JUST SO BIG/HEAVY! The iPhone has seemingly become my point-and-sh0ot-and-share. Almost everything I take with my iPhone ends up on Instagram. (You can follow me: @beccawatkins_ .)

Recently, I picked up the Olloclip after seeing it last October at Photo Plus Expo in New York. It's honestly quite amazing. One of the best iPhone lens kits I've seen on the market. It has a wide angle, fish eye, and macro lenses. It has taken iPhone photos to the next level. The one MAJOR drawback I've experienced is that your iPhone has to be naked (no case, no anything) to use it. What I end up doing is just popping my phone out the the case, take the photo, and immediately put it back in.