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Current Favorites

Here's another quick post with some of my current favorites. Everything from a brand new photography toy I bought myself to my flying puppy.

*Avery- I'm not sure if I have formally introduced everyone to the sweetest (and craziest) puppy of mine. I brought home Avery back in January, and she has been my little shadow ever since. She may have a few screws loose (she thinks she can fly off of things on a regular basis) and she IS the biggest bed hog ever, but I love her.


*STANLY CUP PLAYOFFS!- I have been catching every single second of hockey I can since it's playoff season. If I'm not at a game, I'm probably enjoying a Guinness while yelling at the TV at my second home, Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon. Even though the Caps are now knocked out of the playoffs, I'll still watch to see anyone but the New York Rangers win.

*The super easy to use Lastolite Ezybox- Two of my good photographer friends, Moshe Zusman and Noah Hayes, introduced me to this pretty cool light modifier. Unlike many other soft boxes, this is quick and easy to open up and use with your speed light (or Q flash in Moshe's case). Even though I have JUST started using it myself, I can already tell you it's going to really be a big part of my shooting style from here on out.

Camera: 50mm f/2.8 ISO320 1/80sec Key light: Nikon SB-900 at 1/8 power to the upper right w/the Lastolite Ezybox 24" Rim/backlight: SB-900 at 1/2 power directly behind. Bare bulb. You can see Jackie and Dan's engagement session here.