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Easter Mish-Mash

Happy Easter everyone!!

The weather outside is absolutely AMAZING! 85 degrees and sunny! Hell yes! I've been outside today working on a killer tan. We have a couple of dogwood tress outside the house and they're in full bloom. undefinedundefined

Fun fact about the dogwood: It's the Virginia state tree. Yeah, you can thank my 4th grade teacher for branding that little tidbit into my brain.

Now if you didn't know, I'm half Portuguese. One of the most awesome parts of being Portuguese is the excuse to eat excessive amounts of linguiça. Linguiça teamed up with Portuguese sweet bread and scrambled eggs makes a great breakfast. If you've never had linguiça, go make a Portuguese friend and have them make you some. undefinedOnce you try it, you will quickly realize that you cant stop eating it until its gone.

I finally started to read The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. I've been told by so many people to grab a copy, and I finally did. undefinedI'm a fast reader, and a book like this would usually only take just over an hour to get through. I'm really trying to take my time on it. I just don't want to rush through it and miss something important. Two more books that I FINALLY need to read? Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and Outliers also by Gladwell. I have a long list of other books floating around somewhere, but I'm always up for recommendations (just leave a comment below and I'll add it to my list).

I also bought myself a couple of cookbooks to go through. undefinedI desperately need to learn how to cook something other than quiche and baked ziti. I have a phenomenal app on my iPad where I'm organizing all of the awesome recipes I come across. The app is called My Recipe Book and can be found at the App Store. Know of any delicious recipes? Let me know!

After being outside for most of today, I had to take a photo of my two corgis (Dundee and Darby) laying out with me. They are usually hanging out under my chair unless they're chasing the squirrels in my yard. undefined

In other news, the Caps beat the Rangers and now are hanging out until they start playing round two in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yeahhhhhhhhh Boyyy! Maybe this will finally be the year that they go all the way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I am going to have a couple of new photos hitting the blog this week and a few posts featuring some great photographers. So keep a look out for them!