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FAQ- What to Wear?

Fall Portrait sessions are starting up, and I've been asked "What should I wear?" several times now. Every single time I refer them to these blogs:

(click the images to go to the blog posts)

Both of those blog posts are great resources to look at.

My two VERY basic rules of thumb are: 1) BE COMFORTABLE! You may think you look snazzy squeezing into those jeans, but in the end your discomfort will be written all over your face in the photographs. 2) AVOID LOGOS/CARTOONS! Your daughter's Dora the Explorer shirt may be the cutest thing in the entire world, but it won't photograph well. Also, those cartoons/characters are dated. You don't want to be looking at those photos 10 years from now asking yourself who is that girl on her shirt? This also applies to logos.