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HoHoHolidays have arrived!

The holiday season has arrived. This year, it has honestly snuck up on me. I have been so busy with life and photo work, and so time has just seemed to fly by. I finished up my last wedding of this year this past Sunday, and I know I have plenty of photos to show you all. For right now, I'm just going to share some Christmas spirit. Every single year my parents and I go to the same Christmas tree lot just down the street. The people who work there are wonderful. They always seem to greet us with a huge smile on their face, and this year was no different.

I guess ever since I started driving myself around, whenever I climb into the back seat, I feel like a little kid again. Some of you that actually know me can argue that I am still a little kid, but that's besides the point.

By the laws of nature, the day you buy your Christmas tree has to be bitter cold. Seriously. This is one of those things that never seems to fail. This year, I was armed with my obnoxious looking super warm and comfy boots. Adam, my boyfriend, keeps on threatening to take them to the fire station he works at and use them for fuel for his next controlled burn. Luckily for me, that has not happened. Thank God.

The tree lot always seems so cheerful, even when you're fighting the cold weather.

Every time I go, I always get into the Christmas spirit. I'm not sure if its the cheerful people, the thoughts of putting colorful lights all over the tree, or the intoxicating smell of pine needles. What ever it may be, I love it.

This is Adam's second Christmas in Northern Virginia. He's from the Cleveland area, and his family always bought the same kind of tree from the same people every year. He was on a mission this year to find the same type of tree to keep the tradition alive, but he added a new twist to it. He wanted to cut it down himself. Adam with a saw in his hand is a scary thought. Seriously. But he was on a mission. Because of his schedule, we had to find a place that was open in the middle of the week, and we eventually found one on the outskirts of Leesburg.

With saw in hand, he set off to find his Scotch Pine.

He knew what he was looking for, but I had no clue what a Scotch Pine looked like. For me, a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree. Lights and decorations will be covering up most of it anyway.

I decided the best thing for me to do, since it was a pretty day and all, was run around taking photos of... pretty things... until Adam found a tree he wanted me to look at.

Eventually, Adam found a nice fat tree that would fit into his apartment without having to cut a hole into his ceiling. Decorating has always been so fun. Some hot coco or cider and Christmas music just always seems to make the mood just right.

Just writing this post made me even more excited for Christmas to come.

This post was a bit more personal than many of my others, but I'm thinking I'll be doing that a bit more often in this coming year.

Anyway. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season thus far!