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I'm still alive!

I swear!

I know I said that I was going to get better about blogging and take more personal photos along with everything else with going on. If you have been following my flickr stream, you can see I at least kept of up with the photo taking part.

A lot has been going on with me lately. I've been commissioned by the wonderful people over at ZocDoc to take photos of doctors in the DC Metro area (headshots, in office portraits, and office space photos). I've been driving all over the place to take these photos, and I've met some great people along the way.

Along with everything else, it looks like I'll be moving at the end of this summer. I'll be still photographing all of the you here in Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland (DON'T WORRRY!). But this is one of those things that has been eating up some of my time as of late. Adam is building a townhouse and he has included me in some of the house hunting and plans for the house. I'm super excited to be helping pick out everything from flooring to the blinds to the furniture.

But beyond all of the planning for the house, I'm even more excited to be working on my photography and business. I've been attending webinars over at Francypants Academy. Tonight, I listened in on one that was all about developing your brand. If you're a photographer, look at the webinars coming up. They are absolutely worth it!

Right now (as I'm typing out this blog), I'm working hard to create the experience for YOU. Seriously, you guys are the reason I keep on doing what I love, and I want to go above and beyond and find a way to share my passion with you in how I deliver the prints, album, mounts, and everything else.

I'm working on catching up on blog posts so keep an eye out!