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Impossible is Nothing

I may be watching too much hockey, or it may have been a conversation I had with a neighbor today.I don't know. I have been thinking about the ups and downs of a person or a team. How just individuals or groups of people can honestly think you will not succeed. This happens all the time. I do it. You do it. Everyone does it. We all say: "They will be unsuccessful" at some point. It may be something small, or it may be something large. It happens. But what do you do when its about YOU? Do you take it to heart, or do you brush it off? Do you let it hurt you, or do you rise up and challenge it? It may be the competitor in me. It may be the passion that is driving my life. It may be both of those. I know I will fail and make mistakes, but in the end I make my own destiny. I will not point fingers. I will just learn and push further. The reason I will ultimately succeed or fail is myself. I know in NO way am I perfect or that I will ever be perfect. But understanding that will just give me an advantage. People's lack of belief in me, just pushes me to go harder, forces me to learn more, and get better. I am not a photographer, because its easy (it isn't). I am not a photographer, because I couldn't succeed at anything else (because I did). I am a photographer, because it is what I am meant to do. It is my passion. It is who I am.

"It is okay to believe that there is no can't, won't, or impossible."