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Welcome to our blog! We are based outside of Washington D.C. but we find ourselves traveling all over to photograph amazing events and people. Sit back and check out some of our latest work featuered here!

Keesha and Brian 4/1/11 & 4/2/11

I worked along side Heather again this past weekend. (If you couldn't tell, Heather and I are photo BFFs lol.) This past Friday and Saturday were dedicated to photographing Keesha and Brian's low key wedding and reception. Friday was a super private ceremony in Arlington. Just to prepare you for these photos: Keesha is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously. She honestly doesn't have to work at it at all. This left me completely jealous of her ability to be completely photogenic 24/7. Her personality? AMAZING! She is the most laid back bride I've ever come across. Plus Keesha is a beer girl. Yeah, she's a winner.


Saturday, was a classy reception/cocktail party at Sonoma over by Capitol Hill in DC. Heather and I walked into Sonoma early to check out the venue, and our jaws dropped. Sonoma is a beautiful venue.


I think Heather and I went over how much we would KILL to have a studio space like this one day about a hundred times. She and I ended up "testing the lighting" on each other a few times-- read that as COMPLETELY geeking out as photographers and taking photos of each other because it was so phenomenal in there. But those photos are saved for a later post.

ANYWAY. Back to the wedding with the gorgeous couple.


Photographing in DC is amazing. There is SO much variety just in a couple of blocks, and having a SUPER photogenic couple makes it that much sweeter.


Congrats to Keesha and Brian! And thank you both for letting Heather and I photograph your wedding!