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The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour and iMADdu Mason University

At the beginning of this month, I worked with iMADdu to help sponsor the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour at George Mason University. EET is about helping young entrepreneurs understand how to start their own business and giving them some of the tools to become successful.

iMADdu=I make a difference, do you? Mona Olsen, the founder, created iMADdu to help give college students a way to find internships in areas where their studies and the internship go hand in hand. In all honesty, they explain it much better than I do:

To empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, iMADdu provides students with hands-on entrepreneurial experience and mentorship, bridging the gap between the academic and the practical, between learning and doing, between thought and action. The sum being so much greater than the parts alone. In a different time we called it apprenticeship. -iMADdu

The entire event had an all star cast of keynote and panel speakers. Alan Merten (Mason's president) and Rick Corcoran (Senior Adviser of US Chamber's Campaign for Free Enterprise) kicked off the event. Megan First, Jason Duff, Tracy Foster, Tora Matsuoka, Tom Moore, Arel Moodie, and Mona Olsen also were keynote speakers and part of the panel.

Here are some of the photos from the event: