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Underwater Sessions: Preview

I have always said that my heart is in photographing weddings. I don't think that will ever change, but I do want to branch out. Try different things. Explore photography. I've set out a list of goals for myself. A major one is to do more personal work. Work that I would not normally do at a wedding. Work that stretches the bounds of my creativity and style.

The first personal shoot I've started has become less of a shoot and more of a project. I decided that I wanted to take couples and individuals underwater for a portrait session.

I rented the underwater housing for my camera and other necessary equipment and did a quick camera test underwater last Friday. You don't realize HOW SCARY it is to put your camera-baby underwater until you actually do it. I was sweating bullets and checked every 10 seconds or so for any leaks.

Saturday, I had the most wonderful Anna and Lucas over for a all out test run. (You can see their AMAZINGLY gorgeous wedding here.) A lot of this session was all about trial and error. I wanted to really get to know the equipment and understand its pitfalls. Even though it was a COMPLETELY new experience for me, we got some really amazing photographs.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Since the test run was a complete success, I'm having an all out underwater session marathon this weekend with some AMAZING couples. I can't wait to show you those photos!