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what to wear for engagements

No need for a fashion crisis.
Some outfit ideas for your session.

One of the biggest questions we always get is "What should we wear!?!"

When you feel good, you look good. So choose things that are comfortable to wear and that you feel fabulous in.

Outfit suggestions for engagements:

For the session, bring an extra outfit to change into (just to spice things up part way through the session).

  • Usually bringing one casual outfit and a dressy outfit works well. If you wear heels in the photos (which I do recommend for the dressier outfit), bring a pair of comfortable shoes to walk around in.
  • Both of you should wear outfits in the same color family (light green and dark green, etc) or have the same accent color. Don't wear matching outfits. It may seem like a cute idea, but chances are you will regret it.
  • Nice jeans and a dressy top always work well.
  • Avoid bright white shirts. Ivory and off-white photograph much better.
  • Stay with solids and simple patterns. (Avoid horizontal stripes or extravagant patterns.)
  • Avoid shirts with lettering and sleeveless shirts.
  • No polo shirts for women. They never seem to photograph well.
  • You know that hot little black dress you have in your closet? Bring it!
  • Wear something that’s fitted and compliments your body shape. Baggy shirts can make you look much larger than you are.
  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable enough to stand, sit, walk, and jump around in.
  • Watch out for shirts with short hem-lines. The bottom edge of the shirt should hit your hip or lower.
  • Accessories like funky necklaces, jackets, and sunglasses are always really fun. Keep the jewelry on your wrists and hands simple though. I want to really focus on your engagement ring.

If you want to bring any props with you (e.g.: your dog; a poster board with "Thank you," your name(s), or your wedding date on it; or something you really enjoy together), you are more than welcome to.