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The Honeymoon

Finally, the wedding photographer is married! Mike and I were married Alexandria, Virginia on October 10, 2015. (Two days before Mike's birthday. He has no excuse to ever miss our anniversary.) As a wedding gift, Mike gave me a Fuji x100t with the condition that it would be the ONLY camera I took on the honeymoon with us. At first, I was a bit nervous being locked into a 35mm equivalent focal length, but I was pleasantly surprised by the little guy! 
About a week after the wedding, he and I started our 2-week honeymoon adventure. We flew into London and spent 3 days in England. We spent two of those days in London and also did a day trip out to Cambridge and had a grand tour of several of the different colleges from our family friends who live there. After the 3 days, Mike and I took the train to France, rented a car, and spent 4 days traveling around Normandy. We traveled to Dieppe, Caen, Omaha Beach, Mont St. Michel, and Saint Malo. From there, we drove to Paris and stayed in Paris for a week. Mike lived in Paris when he was a kid, so he was able to give me a personalized tour of the city. Even after a week of being there, came home with a list of things to do for the next time we go! 

Below are a few favorites of mine from the honeymoon. (You'll probably notice I have a strange fascination with doors/doorways.)